Peacock Family

by James B. Hartline

Samuel Peacock

Samuel Peacock (1705) of old Dobbs County (now Wayne County), North Carolina married Matilda “Tilsey” Cicily. Samuel died in 1793 in Johnston County.

William Peacock was born about 1730, in old Dobbs County, NC, a son of Samuel Peacock (1705) and wife Matilda “Tilsey” (Cicily) Peacock.

William married Elizabeth Blackman, born 1750, daughter of Arthur Blackman.


      Jesse Peacock, born about 1750, North Carolina, died about 1799 in Cumberland County, North Carolina.

      Ann Peacock, born about 1752.

      David Peacock

Arthur Blackman, father of Elizabeth was born in Duplin County and died in Craven County. He married Elizabeth Hand, daughter of Peter Hand.  Peter Hand was born in 1690 in Craven County, died 1731-32, Craven County, married Ann Dept, daughter of John (1675) and Penelope Dept, died Craven.

Arthur Blackman was the son of John Blackman, born 1670 at Falling Creek, Henrico, Co. Virginia, died November 19, 1736 in Bertie County, NC.  John Blackman, son of William Blackman, Sr., and wife Dorothy (Deeley) Blackman, married Elizabeth Goode daughter of John Goode, born 1620-30 in England. John Goode married Anne Bennett before 1708.

William Blackman, Sr., was born in 1641 in Falling Creek, Henrico County, Virginia.  He married Dorothy Deeley in about 1667, Henrico County, Virginia. He died prior to 1698, in Varina, Virginia. 

David Peacock, son of William and Elizabeth (Blackman) Peacock, was married to Charlotte Bryan, daughter of Lewis Bryan of Johnston, County, North Carolina (Mill Creek Area), south of the Neuse river.


      Jenetta Peacock, born about 1795.  Jenetta never married.  (Census 1850, Johnston County, Jenetta was living in John Cogdell Hood household at the age of 55.) 

      Asa Bryan Peacock, born 1803, married Katherine Roberson.

      John Peacock married Sarah Shine and went to Georgia to live.
      Lewis Peacock married Harriet C. Killen and also went to Georgia.

      William Peacock married Nancy Roberson on July 28, 1836 at Johnston County.

      Nancy Peacock, born 1813, married John Cogdell Hood on January 20, 1829.  She died October 15, 1848.  Buried beside John Cogdell Hood at Peacocks Cross Roads Hood Cemetery.

      Charlotte Peacock born 1815 married John Cogdell Hood November 28, 1848 in Johnston County, North Carolina.  Charlotte died 1879.  She is buried on right side of Nancy, her sister and first wife of John Cogdell Hood.

Photo of grave stone.

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      Asa Bryan Peacock, son of David and Elizabeth (Blackman) Peacock, was born in 1803 and on January 19, 1836, married Katherine Roberson, born 1803, sister to Nancy Roberson. 


      William Peacock, born 1830.

      Charlotte Peacock, born 1831.

      Nancy Peacock, born 1833.

      Harriet Peacock, born 1834.

      Lewis Peacock, born 1837.

      John Peacock, born 1841.

      David Peacock, born 1842.

      Emily Peacock, born 1846.

      George Peacock, born 1848.

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